Saturday, August 10, 2013

Emilia's first time in New Zealand!

We arrived back from Germany a few weeks ago after spending 5 weeks with family and friends in New Zealand!
It was wonderful to spend so much quality time with loved ones and for everyone to finally meet baby Emilia.
Parts of the holiday were just amazing but other parts were kinda stressful. Basically flying for 24 hours into different time zones with a baby is not ideal and I definitely don't recommend it unless its absolutely necessary. The huge change was pretty tough on poor Emilia and she spent the first two weeks confused and recovering from jet-lag! Thankfully she has slipped into a pretty good sleep routine since we have been back in Germany and the jet-lag hasn't effected her as much as it did when we arrived in New Zealand which we are so relieved about
The hardest part about living overseas is having to say goodbye to people I love over and over again. It rips my heart out every time and never seems to get easier. I wish I could have a big Germany and New Zealand all rolled into one!

Here are some highlights from our trip...

As a child my family spent around two weeks every summer staying at our beach house at Waimarama. I have some of my fondest childhood memories swimming, making sandcastles and running around on the beach. I was so excited to take Emilia to Waimarama for the first time and it felt so surreal and wonderful being there with my little girl. 

It was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky and it felt like we had the entire beach to ourselves. It's hard to believe that these photos were taken in the middle of winter! Sunny winter days like these are something I really miss about living in New Zealand.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day than at Waimarama beach with my two favourite people.

I adore this little face!

Emilia wearing her polka dot outfit from her grandma Maree. 

Emilia loves showing off her tricks so everyone. She's not quite crawling yet but has figured out how to do multiple rolls and drag herself along the ground to get to where she wants. 

Spending precious quality time with my darling mum and seeing her and Emilia together was hands down the best part of my holiday.

Harper-Lily and Emilia finally meet for the first time! One of my best friend Darriennes baby girl was born two weeks before Emilia. These two hit it off straight away and seeing them together was just priceless!

Chelsea and I have been friends since we were babies and her little girl Miller is 6 months older than Emilia. It was amazing and so surreal spending time together with our own daughters!

It seems like just the other day Fran Darrienne and I were on the bus to high school and now we are married with babies!

Fun times with Darrienne and our girls. 

Emilia and her handsome big cousin Peter.

Emilia and her gorgeous niece Georgie.

Emilia enjoying her pureed pears.  

Multi tasking papa! 

Emilia absolutely adores her great Poppa and seeing them together brought tears to my eyes.

The hardest part about our New Zealand trip was having to say goodbye to my darling Nana and Poppa who are both in their late 80's. I'm so grateful for the  special, quality time we had together while we were there. 
Antoinette x


Midnight And Dawn said...

I'm tearing up just thinking about how hard it must have been to leave your family! I remember all the tears at the Auckland airport when we left my husband's family. It only gets harder after there is a grandbaby! But, it looks like you had a wonderful visit!

eliz said...

Beautiful!!! I looove the pictures of her and your grandparents...<3

Hayley said...

Aww gorgeous pics hun, Emilia is looking more and more like her mama!

Hayley said...

Aww gorgeous pics hun, Emilia is looking more and more like her mama!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

what a darling little girl! i love her little hat!

lindsey louise

Mary said...

This is so gorgeous! I miss New Zealand sooo much but also can't even begin to imagine my next European airport goodbye now there is a baby (nephew) in the mix! I definitely wish there was a kind of 1-hour shuttle between hemispheres ;)
Great pictures of Waimarama too, love it there.

ifs ands Butts said...

What a sweetheart and what a special trip!

ifs ands Butts said...

What a sweetheart and what a special trip!