Saturday, July 19, 2014

Popping in to say hi

Its a hot, sticky summer's evening here in Bavaria Germany. Emilia is fast asleep, Rob is watching a movie which doesn't interest me and I'm in the mood for blogging.
Last time I updated my blog this little curly haired toddler of ours was just 14 months and now she's 18 months old and still the light of our lives and constantly amazing us. 
This last year and a half has been a wonderful, crazy, adventure and I have learnt so many valuable life lessons. I would be lying if I said that motherhood has been all smooth sailing but I can honestly say that my heart has never been full with so much love and appreciation for my husband and our little girl. 

I know that my blog posts have been few and far between lately and to be honest I really don't know whats happening with this little blog of mine or where its going. Blogging use to be such a huge part of my life and such a fun, therapeutic outlet for me and part of me still wants to hold onto that. As I briefly mentioned in a previous post  I fell right of the blogging bandwagon as soon as Emilia was born as my attention totally shifted and I found it hard to make time to blog. Maybe I will get back on a roll and start blogging regularly or maybe I will pop back once in a while but all I know is that I am definitely not ready to let go of blogging altogether so if anyone out there is still reading my blog, please bear with me. :)

I'm not going to write a huge update as I don't want this post to turn into a novel but I wanted to share some words that best describe Emilia's character and spirit. 

Loving, fun, friendly, affectionate, joyful, confident, Inquisitive. (I'm aware that I'm probably completely bias but I don't care, I adore this little girl ;)

Oh and last but not least here is a fun little family clip I threw together about a month ago. It was taken on a hot summers day in W├╝rzburg Germany. 

Antoinette x 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Emilia's 14 month update

So much has happened since my last post I don't even know where to start! Emilia is now 14 months old and I know I mentioned in her 9 month update that I wanted her to stay that age forever but that's because I didn't know her at 14 months. This is seriously the most fun we've had yet!

I now have a professional walker or should I say runner! At around 9 months Emilia started using furniture and anything she could pull herself up on to walk around. At 11 months she built up enough confidence to take her first steps on her own. She was a bit wobbly for the first few weeks but now she whizzes around everywhere at 100 miles an hour.

She can only say a handful of recognizable words but she's constantly babbling and experimenting with different sounds. She understands so much more then she can actually say, for example if I say to her ''where is Layla?'' (her baby doll) she will point to her or go and pick her up. Or if I say ''where are mamas shoes?'' she will point to my shoes or ''where are Emilia's shoes?'' she will point to her shoes. Her favourite game is walking around with us and pointing to different objects and wanting us to tell her what they are, she then tries to imitate the word we are saying.
We are raising her bilingual, I speak to her only in English and Rob speaks to her only in German as we want her to be fully immersed in both languages. Right now she is understanding a little in both languages but definitely more in English as she spends more of her time with me. Her Oma and Opa speak to her in a mixture of German and Polish and her aunty (Robs sister) who is deaf has started teaching her sign language so her little brain must be working overtime trying to process all of this information. I do worry a little sometimes that all these languages might be confusing her too much, but everything I read about raising children with multiple language reassures me that we are doing the right thing. Toddlers brains are like sponges and they are capable of leaning far more at this age than we could ever imagine. I am so interested to see how Emilia's languages progress.

Emilia's such a happy, friendly, confident little girl and I just love her spirit. She has always been a really cuddly baby but recently she has started coming up to me out of the blue and giving me kisses and cuddles which is pretty much the best gift I could ever receive! I have also caught her giving her baby doll little kisses and rocking her in her arms which is the sweetest thing ever. I hope she always stays so kind and loving.

Antoinette x

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Emilia is 9 months!

It's been so long since my last blog post and I feel so out of touch with the blogging world!  I don't even know where to begin as so many exciting things have been happening. I  really wanna try and blog more regularly because it's such a great outlet for me and something I miss so much.  

Emilia turned 9 months last week and I wish she would stay this age forever. Yes I know I say this about every age but seriously 9 months is the absolute best! She smiles and laughs so much and just loves her little world. I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy every moment cause she's growing and changing so unbelievably quickly. This little girl brings me more joy on a daily basis than I ever thought was possible. 

Emilia's milestones 
Emilia went from commando crawler to professional crawler in no time and boy does my baby love to crawl! She whizzes across the room in two seconds flat and I need to have my eye on her all the time because she's into absolutely everything.

She recently started pulling herself up into standing position and uses furniture to walk around. Rob had to adjust the setting on her cot to make the bars higher so she doesn't topple out when she stands up in there. 

She now has two teeth at the bottom and her two top teeth cut through last week. 

She babbles all the time and hums along to music. She can say dada and baba but i'm still waiting for her to say  mama. She loves to wave, clap her hands and play peekaboo. 

I'm not really sure if this is a milestone but she loves books. Rob reads to her every night in German, I read to her in English and when we visit her Oma and Opa they read to her in Polish.  Sometimes she just sits by herself with a book and looks at all the pictures. 

Our little girl is a great day sleeper and a terrible night sleeper. She usually sleeps for a solid hour mid morning and another hour sometime longer in the afternoon. She's mostly in bed by 7pm every night still wakes a few times a night for her milk and lately she's been more wakeful than usual because of teething. She has never once slept through the night, but we're working on it!

We are still going strong with breastfeeding and I'm not planning on weaning her any time soon. She started solids when she was 6 months old but she still prefers breast milk over anything. Meal time is always guaranteed to be an extremely messy event as Emilia is little miss independent and insists on feeding herself. She doesn't like to be spoon fed and always grabs the spoon off me so she can feed herself. We are currently experimenting with 'baby led weaning' which is basically self feeding and seems to suit Emilia so much better. It was a completely natural progression and I actually just went on my instincts with this one. She loves any type of sweet juicy fruit and I always have to mop the floor afterwards. 

Gosh I feel like this blog post could go on and on as there is so much more to say after so long not blogging. I think I better stop here so it doesn't get too long and boring. 

Antoinette x

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Emilia's first time in New Zealand!

We arrived back from Germany a few weeks ago after spending 5 weeks with family and friends in New Zealand!
It was wonderful to spend so much quality time with loved ones and for everyone to finally meet baby Emilia.
Parts of the holiday were just amazing but other parts were kinda stressful. Basically flying for 24 hours into different time zones with a baby is not ideal and I definitely don't recommend it unless its absolutely necessary. The huge change was pretty tough on poor Emilia and she spent the first two weeks confused and recovering from jet-lag! Thankfully she has slipped into a pretty good sleep routine since we have been back in Germany and the jet-lag hasn't effected her as much as it did when we arrived in New Zealand which we are so relieved about
The hardest part about living overseas is having to say goodbye to people I love over and over again. It rips my heart out every time and never seems to get easier. I wish I could have a big Germany and New Zealand all rolled into one!

Here are some highlights from our trip...

As a child my family spent around two weeks every summer staying at our beach house at Waimarama. I have some of my fondest childhood memories swimming, making sandcastles and running around on the beach. I was so excited to take Emilia to Waimarama for the first time and it felt so surreal and wonderful being there with my little girl. 

It was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky and it felt like we had the entire beach to ourselves. It's hard to believe that these photos were taken in the middle of winter! Sunny winter days like these are something I really miss about living in New Zealand.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day than at Waimarama beach with my two favourite people.

I adore this little face!

Emilia wearing her polka dot outfit from her grandma Maree. 

Emilia loves showing off her tricks so everyone. She's not quite crawling yet but has figured out how to do multiple rolls and drag herself along the ground to get to where she wants. 

Spending precious quality time with my darling mum and seeing her and Emilia together was hands down the best part of my holiday.

Harper-Lily and Emilia finally meet for the first time! One of my best friend Darriennes baby girl was born two weeks before Emilia. These two hit it off straight away and seeing them together was just priceless!

Chelsea and I have been friends since we were babies and her little girl Miller is 6 months older than Emilia. It was amazing and so surreal spending time together with our own daughters!

It seems like just the other day Fran Darrienne and I were on the bus to high school and now we are married with babies!

Fun times with Darrienne and our girls. 

Emilia and her handsome big cousin Peter.

Emilia and her gorgeous niece Georgie.

Emilia enjoying her pureed pears.  

Multi tasking papa! 

Emilia absolutely adores her great Poppa and seeing them together brought tears to my eyes.

The hardest part about our New Zealand trip was having to say goodbye to my darling Nana and Poppa who are both in their late 80's. I'm so grateful for the  special, quality time we had together while we were there. 
Antoinette x

Sunday, June 16, 2013

True love

I can't believe my baby girl will be 6 months in a few weeks! She's the light of our lives and floods our hearts with so much love and joy every single day.  I sometime wish time would just stand still but I'm excited to see what the future holds. Watching her grow is so bitter sweet....

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Antoinette x